Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ah spring...the juxtaposition of beautiful flowers and allergies.

I took these pictures of this plant with two different light settings on my camera. I didn't set out to do this on purpose, to end up with a "compare and contrast" sort of result (who else really disliked that essay question - please explain your answer). 

What actually happened was as I was taking pictures, I began to wonder why the flower was looking incredibly vibrantly pink,

when in reality, it was more of a red?


Well I like them both (so there, picking only one answer!). The first picture of the flower seems as though it would be at the point in the movie where everything has just appeared in color for the first time, and the scene is dripping in royal purple, lime green, and bright citrusy orange. The second picture is softer, more subtle. This is the flower that would appear at a moment of reflection or romance in our theoretical film (ooh la la). 

The question that remains is would there be any interest in a film that expresses all of its plotline's emotional turns through photographs of plants. 

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