Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First day of spring! ...also, what I had for breakfast this morning.

Hi there! Enjoying spring as much as I am?

As excited as I was for the arrival of spring, I didn't let winter fade away completely unnoticed.

The last sunset of Winter 2009-2010.
The last sunset of Winter 2010

I awoke the next morning feeling happier...sunnier...warmer. (It didn't hurt that the temperature reached 73 degrees that day.)

My mom and I took a walk in the park, reveling in the spring-like warmth.

This bench is waiting and ready for visitors.
Ready for people to sit

Hmm...could stand to look a bit less brown.

Admittedly, it still is a tad early in the season to expect leaves and flowers. But there were a few hints of the season to come back at the house.

Hey, bud

Hey! Green!

And of course, how could I let the first day of spring go by without a free frozen treat?

Celebrating with frozen confections

Welcome, spring. You'd been missed.

And now, for the "also" part of this post. I enjoy oatmeal in the mornings, and I also like adding little "extras" into the mix (usually fruit). This morning was Apple Oatmeal.

Good morning!

I used quick-cooking oats, and diced up an apple into small pieces. I put half of the apple into the oats and water at the beginning of the cooking, and fired up the microwave. Shortly before the oatmeal was to be completed cooking, I added a few raisins, golden raisins, walnuts, and pecans (from a trail mix), then powered the microwave back on again for 30 seconds. Half a minute later, I added the rest of the apple.

I thought it would be interesting to have the two apple textures in the same oatmeal, and actually, it was. The apples that had been cooked were probably more what people would expect with a fruit oatmeal, softer and warm. However, I also enjoyed the crisp and fresh taste of the unheated apple in there. All a matter of personal preference - either form of apple (or both) is a great way (at least in my opinion) to start a spring day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...Easter?

Originally uploaded by Kitchenphobe

I'm sure you all have noticed the influx of Easter candy hitting the shelves, not-so-subtly hip-checking the discounted Valentines Day merchandise off of their prime real estate. Chocolate bunnies, pastel-colored eggs, brightly colored marshmallows...believe me, my mouth is watering.

And then my mouth stopped. And it stared. (Or maybe I'm talking about my eyes at this point, nonetheless...).

It was a car. With ears. A car with ears. EARS.

The car has ears, did you notice? 'Cause I did. How fantastic is this?!?

(Apparently this was not the show-stopping event to the rest of the world as it was to me, as evidenced by the massive gathering and gawking crowd seen here. Ahem.)

Anyone else spy any other holiday merchandising that practically had the soles of your shoes smoking with your sudden screech to a halt?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi(e) Day!

Admittedly, food is on my mind quite a bit.

What do I want to eat now? What do I want to eat later? What restaurant is near where I am going? What type of cuisine will I want in a week? What type of cake was that we had at the birthday party two years ago in the place by the little bagel shop?

And more notably for today's post: "How can this relate to food?"

Some holidays go hand-in-hand with food. Thanksgiving. Some just sound like they should. Pi Day.

When you know it's an official holiday

Yes, really. March 14th = 3.14 = oh, read about it here.

The thing is, pi sounds suspiciously like a beloved dessert. I am wholeheartedly willing to go along with this connection.

Dressed for the occasion

I love getting into the holiday spirit, don't you? (Totally fantastic theme shirt from cakespy)


(If you're more in a key lime pie sort of mood, this will not disappoint. I promise.)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Do you fondue?

This week, mom and I went out to dinner together.


For those who have not fondue-d before, it is much fun. Various foods and courses are dipped into cheeses and broths and chocolates.

As with pretty much any other type of cuisine, I most anticipate dessert.


I'd say that's pretty good reason to be excited, don't you?