Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An idea for leftover Easter candy. Or that candy calling to you from the 75% off bin.

So Easter was a few days ago, and I'm sure by now the baskets have been rifled through, the favorite candies picked out and long gone by 10:30 sunday morning.

Have you ever noticed that Easter candy is not just enjoyed through being eaten? Candies of all shapes and sizes are hidden, Peeps are microwaved and forced to joust.

Um, yes, I did say joust. Your family doesn't do this?

But if you do have any Peeps hanging around, here's a simple and delicious idea: Smeeps.

This looks good already

The peeps, pre-microwave

All heated up


(I thought the photos detailed the process pretty succinctly, don't you?)

1 comment:

Hannah said...

This is such a fun idea, and I can imagine that the sugar coating adds a great extra crunch to the s'mores. :)