Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi, welcome!

I love food. Particularly of the dessert variety. I suppose that my third blogged sentence should contain a secret of mine: I have on occasion had cheesecake for breakfast (and I really don’t see a huge problem with that occasionally).

As much as I love eating and enjoying food, there is an aspect to food I have not quite yet mastered – the preparation of food.

Admittedly, I am not a great cook. I do like to think that there is a somewhat good cook somewhere within me, yet to be discovered. But for now, flambee is a word that makes me quake with fear (along with chop, boil, and stir). One of my top goals when preparing a meal is that all participants live to tell the tale. And that the kitchen is still standing when my creation is complete.

Now some, given my cooking skill (or lack thereof), would throw in the proverbial cooking towel and resign themselves to a fate of ramen noodles, microwaved meals in partitioned plastic trays, and meals prepared for them by restaurants and loved ones. The towel is still in my hands (I should stay away from the stove while wielding this). I am trying to improve.

I am not alone on this journey (quest? adventure?). My loved ones (or as I sometimes refer to them while they are tasting one of my concoctions – my focus group) are incredibly supportive of my efforts, encouraging of my sparking cooking talent, and continually willing to taste the products of my labor.

Additionally, there is you, the reader. Come along with me on this journey of food, learn to cook and bake with me. If you already know what you are doing in the kitchen, great! Any and all tips, suggestions, etc are most welcome. If you are like me and really don’t quite understand the difference between baking soda and baking powder, share your stories, we can figure things out together.

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