Tuesday, July 7, 2009


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Lately I've noticed that there are a lot of shows on TV about making cakes. And, really more specifically, not just making cakes -- but making amazingly gorgeous cakes that, for the most part, resemble pretty much anything else on this planet besides cake.

Not that I'm complaining, really. I regularly watch the shows that I have heard of in this genre. The fantastically gorgeous cake genre. The genre that I watch, and long to be a part of.

Oh, how I wish that I could create a random object out of cake, and have someone say "is that cake?".

Do I really wish that?

I'm not entirely sure that I do.

I'm not entirely sure that I'm not completely okay with the way that my cakes look right now, as seen in exhibit A, where they are slightly lopsided (nothing that can't be fixed with a healthy dollop of whipped cream), fillings pour out onto the plate after being sliced (yum), and they resemble nothing else but cake.

But despite its appearance, I know (well, I'm not entirely confident, it IS me) that it tastes good. Not that the other cakes that resemble animals and buildings and other foods (oh my!) don't look like they taste amazingly scrumptiously good.

To be honest, their cakes look like they taste ridiculously amazing.

But my cakes have heart. And spunk. And charisma.

Even if they really do look like just a cake.

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