Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

Tomorrow is my parents' wedding anniversary, so Adam and I decided to do something special for the occasion for them. Their wedding cake was a Black Forest cake, so this was the baking adventure I decided to embark on. 

Essentially, I made a chocolate cake, and topped said cake with whipped cream and cherries. 

Oh yes, and kirsch (cherry liqueur). Can't forget the cake cordials. 

Adam helpfully mixing the dry ingredients together. 

Ooooh, batter-y goodness. 

Ta-da!!! The first part of the master plan is complete. 

Not to jinx myself, but this baking business seems to be going a bit smoother as of late. These cakes exited the pans in a calm and orderly fashion, leaving behind just a light kiss of cake in the pan for a taste. These cookies had behaved pretty civilized and lovely as well. I believe I am liking this trend. 

Oooh, am I confident to have just said that, since a big moment in my kitchenphobe life is about to happen. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the first time that I ever put together a layered cake. 

TWO layers here, people! This is multi-dimensional! Reaching for the stars! 

Ok, ok, on with the cake. 

Layer one, and all is well. Cake, whipped cream, cherries. 


I was impressed with myself. It was not only layered, but it was staying that way! The cake came out slightly uneven, but what is whipped cream if not a wonderful mistake-cover-upper? 

Have a slice, why don't you?
I didn't anticipate a negative outcome from the pairing of chocolate with whipped cream and cherries, and I was definitely not disappointed. The flavors were delicious together, and the kirsch added a little bonus cherry kick (it had been brushed over the tops of the cake layers). 

And since I am me, we have just successfully had dessert first. I love dessert. 

Okay, on with the meal, and on with Adam taking the kitchen reins. 

The menu (probably should have started with this, in retrospect):
Penne a la vodka
Chicken with prosciutto and herbs
Asparagus with shallots
Roasted garlic bread
Black Forest cake (but you knew that already, didn't you). Hey, I'm still bursting with pride. I'm going to mention that cake for awhile. 

Sorry I don't have a lot of pictures of the actual meal being cooked. I was wandering, Adam was cooking, dishes were sizzling away and being put together faster than I could grab my camera. 

Prosciutto. If you don't like prosciutto... :(

Asparagus and shallots

Vodka sauce

Mmm...asparagus all roasty-fied

Needless to say, dinner was delicious, and was enjoyed by all (especially the anniversary couple). Happy anniversary, mom and dad!!! :)

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