Thursday, October 8, 2009


So for our anniversary dinner, Adam and I went out for hibachi. What can we say, not only is it good food cooked in front of you, there is also the large potential for large flames and swinging knife blades.

And when that's done intentionally, it's even better.

Before dinner. Knowing there's a fire extinguisher nearby makes me feel better about the events to come.

"You ready?" the chef turned to me, as I sat with camera in hand. 

"Ready when you are"
Hey there fire!

This fire is totally and absolutely necessary. Yup. Not just for the theatrics.

Onion volcano. 
Onion volcano

This one got lit on fire twice. Just because. 

To come...did you really think I would let our anniversary go without baking? Actually, yes, technically I did...

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