Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just wanted to say...

Dear Adam, 

One of these days, I promise I'll get all of my extraneous items out of your car, including, but not limited to (as we both know their tendency to multiply): the melted birthday candles, the mittens, and the cookie. Or maybe I won't. Who knows when you may feel the need to have a celebration, get chilly, or are hungry? Really, I'm thinking of you here.

one of our earlier pics together

Thank you for always being the person who will piece back together my cakes when half of them get stuck in the pan, who will immediately offer to eat the cookies I declare a disaster, and who will point at desserts in the store and say "I bet they're not as good as yours."

(Non-baking related, thank you also for always waiting patiently while I take a picture of a weed, parallel-parking my car, and the countless other things you do for me.)

me and my Devils fan

Autumn has always been my favorite season, more so now as its brilliant skies and crisp air remind me of the beginning of our relationship and us eating cheesecake, walking around to find turtles, and watching movies . (I know you're also especially fond of autumn as it is the beginning of "jacket weather".)

smiles at the shoreline

Here's to us, and to the meals we've cooked together, the conversations and laughs we've shared, the thousands upon thousands of memories -- and all of those that we'll have in the future.

Happy 2 years together love <3



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Adam said...

I love you too Stringbean!!! Here's to 10 kabillion more years of happiness!