Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween...part one.

Oh yes, I said part one.

Part one of two, to be exact.

So the first dessert I made for Halloween was a cookie pizza. I had pondered and twiddled my thumbs thoughtfully for an embarrassing amount of time before Halloween, wondering what types of candy would work best on top of the candy pizza, eventually having to narrow down my list due to allergies/likes and dislikes/feasibility. 

I knew, however, that it would start with a cookie. It always begins with a cookie. 

Looks kinda gross, but will taste good. Promise.

And chocolate. A very welcome addition to any of my cooking adventures. 

I'm melting....

And candy. Hence, candy pizza. 

In the end, I decided to go with M&M's (colorful, basic), and gummy worms (a different texture, slightly creepy for Halloween). 

And this is why it's a candy pizza


It was not until several hours later that I realized the gummy worms had faces. How weird is that? 

Adam: "I'm not sure I can eat this now..."

Ahhh faces on the gummies

But he and the rest of us did. And it was good. 

A few details:

For this recipe, I used a chocolate chip cookie mix, and spread semi-sweet chocolate chips on top while it was still warm. If I were making this again, I would personally go with a different type of chocolate melted on top, perhaps dark, as it was a bit too much semi-sweet chocolate for my taste. This isn't to say I didn't finish my piece. Or that I didn't snack on it the next day. Just an observation...


Hannah said...

Um... Wow. That is both ridiculous and amazing! Talk about a sugar rush!

Kitchenphobe said...

Hahaha I don't think they're topped with an excessive amount of candy at all!!! ;)