Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Salsa with Adam. The food, not the dance. But I'm sure we could learn the dance if we tried.

Adam: Hey, let's make salsa this weekend.
Me: Okay. 

Tomato, pre-chopping.


Onions. They're weirdly sized 'cause I sliced them.

Hey, pepper

The pepper is safe now

Finished salsa, coming in for a bite

Salsa is a fairly intuitive and easy process (which means I was fairly intimidated and attempting to deflect any questions asking my opinion on the product throughout). Adam did fine. Surprise, surprise.

So we combined tomatoes, and black beans, and onions, and jalapenos, and crushed pineapple, maybe some other stuff, a bunch of spices, and ended up with salsa. 

And by we, I mean he. I'm still slowly chopping the onion into irregularly-sized pieces. 


Hannah said...

Ah, how I wish there were decent tomatoes still around here...! Fresh salsa sounds wonderful. :)

Kitchenphobe said...

Oh believe me they were not that easy to find! It was still a great reminder of summer treat!