Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentines day treats

My camera is now back in my hands, so I am able to share what I made for Valentines Day (only 9 days late!). Yay!

For this occasion, I originally planned to go to the supermarket and pick up some muffins for Adam and I. This (in my mind) transitioned to me picking up muffins or croissants ('cause really, what's more romantic than flaky pastry?). This then (again, all mental musings) transitioned to me making croissants ('cause really, what's more romantic than flaky pastry fresh out of the oven?).

I have found the correlation between time spent in the kitchen and time to ponder to be closely related. At least, personally speaking.

So yes, I made chocolate croissants for Valentines Day.

The first step was to go to said supermarket for the dough.

Don't look at me like that. I never said that they were from scratch.
I always get slightly nervous popping these open. I have no idea why.

I came up with the idea for these chocolate croissants a while ago. They are fantastically and ridiculously easy.

Ready to roll

I used mini chocolate chips in the centers of these croissants, to make sure that they would be all melted when the dough was all puffed and golden.

Before baking

Out of the oven

I couldn't decide whether to pipe chocolate over the tops or to drizzle chocolate in a careless (but still loving) fashion with a fork. I didn't like how the drizzle method (bottom left) looked, so the rest were piped with melted chocolate.

Chocolate drizzle

And then I had to try one of the croissants. For sampling purposes, you know.

Well hello there

I then dusted the remaining croissants with powdered sugar.

A dusting of sugar

So while I had been in said supermarket buying said dough, I had wandered past the bakery counter.

My eye then laid on the little bags the store provides for their bakery goods. It. Was. Perfect.

Glamour shot

(And no, I did not steal the bag.
Me holding empty bag and wax paper: Can I have this?
Cashier: Sure)

All packed up

Chocolate Croissants:

1 roll of refrigerated crescent roll dough
Mini chocolate chips
Powdered sugar

Separate crescent rolls, and lay flat. Put approximately a tablespoon of miniature chocolate chips in the wide end of each crescent roll. Roll up and bake as package instructions say.

Cool, then melt chocolate chips. Either pipe or drizzle the chocolate over the tops of the croissants. Dust with powdered sugar.



LuAnn said...

I didn't know they were FILLED with chocolate!! You should make them again. Really soon.

Hannah said...

Mmmm, just love these little treats! Plus, they're so easy to make, it seems like a shame not to.

That packaging really couldn't be more perfect, it's adorable!

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