Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter. Ugh.

Dear Winter,

Last time I ranted about your tendency to make things cold and snowy, I was kind of hoping you would take the hint and step aside gracefully for spring.

Snowy street

Not going for that plan, huh? 


And yes, we did agree that you are pretty and sparkly, but could you make it look like this again soon?

A burst of spring!


(Note: I really did mean to talk about food-related topics this week, however, my camera with all of the related pictures on it was forgotten at Adam's house. Oops.)


Hannah said...

Such beautiful shots! And here I tried to take pictures of the snow, and mine just came out grey and blah. That blue sky just makes the photo!

Sara said...

Thank you!!! The sky was SO brilliantly blue when I went outside that morning, I just had to take pictures! :)