Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First day of spring! ...also, what I had for breakfast this morning.

Hi there! Enjoying spring as much as I am?

As excited as I was for the arrival of spring, I didn't let winter fade away completely unnoticed.

The last sunset of Winter 2009-2010.
The last sunset of Winter 2010

I awoke the next morning feeling happier...sunnier...warmer. (It didn't hurt that the temperature reached 73 degrees that day.)

My mom and I took a walk in the park, reveling in the spring-like warmth.

This bench is waiting and ready for visitors.
Ready for people to sit

Hmm...could stand to look a bit less brown.

Admittedly, it still is a tad early in the season to expect leaves and flowers. But there were a few hints of the season to come back at the house.

Hey, bud

Hey! Green!

And of course, how could I let the first day of spring go by without a free frozen treat?

Celebrating with frozen confections

Welcome, spring. You'd been missed.

And now, for the "also" part of this post. I enjoy oatmeal in the mornings, and I also like adding little "extras" into the mix (usually fruit). This morning was Apple Oatmeal.

Good morning!

I used quick-cooking oats, and diced up an apple into small pieces. I put half of the apple into the oats and water at the beginning of the cooking, and fired up the microwave. Shortly before the oatmeal was to be completed cooking, I added a few raisins, golden raisins, walnuts, and pecans (from a trail mix), then powered the microwave back on again for 30 seconds. Half a minute later, I added the rest of the apple.

I thought it would be interesting to have the two apple textures in the same oatmeal, and actually, it was. The apples that had been cooked were probably more what people would expect with a fruit oatmeal, softer and warm. However, I also enjoyed the crisp and fresh taste of the unheated apple in there. All a matter of personal preference - either form of apple (or both) is a great way (at least in my opinion) to start a spring day.

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Hannah said...

That oatmeal looks delicious. I make myself oats for breakfast every single morning, so it's great to get some new ideas. :)