Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...Easter?

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I'm sure you all have noticed the influx of Easter candy hitting the shelves, not-so-subtly hip-checking the discounted Valentines Day merchandise off of their prime real estate. Chocolate bunnies, pastel-colored eggs, brightly colored marshmallows...believe me, my mouth is watering.

And then my mouth stopped. And it stared. (Or maybe I'm talking about my eyes at this point, nonetheless...).

It was a car. With ears. A car with ears. EARS.

The car has ears, did you notice? 'Cause I did. How fantastic is this?!?

(Apparently this was not the show-stopping event to the rest of the world as it was to me, as evidenced by the massive gathering and gawking crowd seen here. Ahem.)

Anyone else spy any other holiday merchandising that practically had the soles of your shoes smoking with your sudden screech to a halt?

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Hannah said...

Ha, that is so absurd and ridiculous, it's just wonderful. Now, if you actually saw one of those driving down the street...!