Monday, August 10, 2009

Cookies from afar!


This post requires a bit of a confession on my part. A secret, if you will. 

Except really, its not that much of a secret. The evidence is easily found around anywhere I spend any considerable amount of time. 

I really really enjoy a genre of books that is often referred to as "chick lit". Essentially, fiction targeted towards young women. And before you mock, or scoff, let me just say that they are very enjoyable and intelligent and maybe its nice to read about a happy ending once in awhile. I love the masses of pastel-color books with curlicue fonts and little cartoons of shopping bags or women striding across the cover that I have acquired. 


Okay, so the point? 

Chick lit books are awesome, and you should totally read them and brighten your day.

Ok, that wasn't my point, but it is true.

So a few times in a few of these books I know and love, a certain cookie is mentioned. (It is worth mentioning that several of the books that I have are set in England.) Every time this cookie would be mentioned, it would pique my interest. Then, I began to notice it again and again, and started to wonder what is with this cookie? Is it that great a cookie? 

More importantly, I began to feel a bit left out and was starting to wonder, probably a bit more than is normal, what am I missing out on???


Cut to Adam and I in Bermuda, and us wandering into a convenience store. Ironically, the thought of these cookies had not crossed my mind once while we were in this BRITISH TERRITORY. I'm sure no one is surprised now to hear that, while wandering the food aisle, I stumbled upon these. 

the box

"OH MY GOD IT'S THEM!!!!" I not-so-subtly screamed in a tone that not only could Adam hear me, but so could the cashiers, the people wandering around the toothpaste aisle, and probably the people on our cruise ship a few blocks away. "I READ ABOUT THESE!!!" I was now clutching the package. 

the description

If you have never heard of these cookies, they are called Digestives, and as far as I can tell, are really only sold in European countries (and written about in books with plotlines set there). For even more info, here's the Wikipedia description. 

(You'd think, given my reaction, that I had bought at least 3 boxes. My friends, I simply (and gleefully) bought the 1. Really, I'm not sure why I didn't stock up. Perhaps if I didn't enjoy them? I mean, it's not like I can run down to the store and get more very easily. Apparently I exercise great restraint in my fits of joy.) 

Are you ready?

I know I am...

the whole cookie

one bite

two bites

three bites

all gone

(Really, I'm not sure that you needed -or wanted- a play-by-play of me eating a cookie. But I provided one. How thoughtful am I?)

The verdict...these are amazingly great!!! They are, as I'm sure you can tell, a chocolate layer on top of a biscuit-y cookie. They are not too sweet, the perfect little mild cookie. They are also remarkably light. If these were available closer to home, they would definitely be in my regular cookie lineup. 

Note: In case you are curious, the books that (I am pretty sure) Chocolate Digestives are mentioned in (that I have and that I can think of right now - please keep in mind they could be (and probably are) in many more) are:
The Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella (I know they are in Shopaholic & Sister, likely they appear in others)
Swapping Lives by Jane Green

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