Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Blondies

During my somewhat limited time venturing into the kitchen, I found a recipe that my boyfriend instantly fell in love with. 

Blondies (Thanks Food Network!)

He is a big fan of sweet items (one present I bought him that was a big hit was cane sugar candies), so I knew that these would go over well. 

And so, for his birthday, in lieu of a birthday cake, he was the overjoyed recipient of birthday blondies. Unrelated to his enjoyment of the baked goods, don't they have a nice ring? I'm a fan of alliteration. 

The optional add-in that I went with was the chocolate chips (I have also made these plain and with red and green M&M's for the holidays). 

Sorry I don't have any pictures while in production, but here are the finished birthday blondies...

Awww, I'm so clever.
I chose to deliver them whole, to have a more "birthday cake" -like presentation (plus then I was also able to accent with the chocolate chip heart). 

Well, they do say that food is the way to a man's heart... these blondies are definitely on the way to my guy's :) 


Lauren said...

I love your blog! These blondies look great---I can't wait to try them for a party we are having---have you ever frozen them? I was wondering if they freeze well so I could do them ahead of time. Thanks for the recipes!

Tales of a Kitchenphobe said...

Thanks Lauren!!! I've found that these blondies freeze fabulously, perfect for making ahead of time (I personally always try to bake ahead of time as well -- especially good if an unexpected kitchen calamity pops up haha).

Enjoy!!! (I'm sure your guests will as well!) :)