Friday, December 11, 2009

Hole in the middle of the bread egg (or, "Hey! Not dessert!")

My dad taught me about this recipe years ago, cutting holes in the middle of bread and adding an egg in the subsequent hole. And snacking on the leftover circle of bread.

A critical, crucial step.

I'm not kidding here. 

So in my house*, this is called Hole in the middle of the bread egg. Actually, I used to (up until about, oh, 3 months ago) call it "hole in the middle of the egg bread". It still sounds more pleasing to my ear, despite it not making much descriptive sense. 

Let's go!

Create a hole in the center of the bread using a cup. Obviously, the more brightly colored cup you use, the better your end result will be. Duh.

Cutting the hole

Eat the piece of bread. Do it. 

Feel free to snack

Add butter to a pan, and add the center-less bread. 

Into the pan

Is anyone else reminded of Death Becomes Her? Such an awesome movie. 

Add the egg, and salt and pepper if you wish (or any other egg accompaniment you desire).

Egg, salt, pepper



I have to admit, this was a bit of a nervewracking moment for me. Usually when flipping eggs, I have a fairly low success rate. With camera in hand, I felt even less prepared for the big moment. Surprisingly, it went pretty well. 

And, eat. 


*Other people know this dish by the name "Egg in a basket," "Birds nest," or a bunch of other names. I prefer to avoid the artistic terms for "bread" and "egg", and use the straightforward name for this straightforward dish. Up to you. 


Hannah said...

Ah, I've heard of this before... I wonder if it would work with a tofu scramble? ;)

Kitchenphobe said...

I'm sure it could! Or, if you're not able to scramble everything together while the ingredients are in the bread, they could maybe be made separately for an interesting plating idea?

Anonymous said...

Oh the childhood memories my husband has of his mother making "egg in a bread" on a cold morning.....i guess before he walked the long walk to the car.