Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like winter.

Perhaps you heard about (or experienced) what happened in my area this past weekend. 

it snowed.

It snowed. A few inches - unremarkable to many; disappointing to children (and adults) wanting to build snowmen but finding the covering way too powdery to even make a good snowball; generally annoying to yours truly. 

snowy shrubs.

I'm not really a fan of snow. Well, if it stays out of my way and does not affect the road quality, it doesn't really bother me.

snowy leaves

Actually no, I still don't like it then either. 

branches in the snow

But I will give snow this - freshly fallen, untrampled and unplowed, glittering in the is pretty. 

I didn't spend this entire weekend being annoyed at cold crystalized water, however. I began assembling cookies for various holiday gatherings (began being the operative word here).

The first batch of cookies was the shortbread cookies first seen on Mothers Day. This time I kept everything but the raspberry jam, making a basic shortbread cookie with a special holiday touch of whimsical icing. 

same cookies, assorted glaze patterns.

Personally, my favorites were the happy faces, the swirls, and the squiggles. 

a batch of shortbread cookies.

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Hannah said...

Lovely snow shots! We finally got some over here too, but sadly, it's supposed to rain now and wash it all away. Boo! At least we got a white Christmas out of it.

Happy holidays!