Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Time for another 100 calorie snack installment! Although today, we are deviating slightly - the snack in question is a mere 90 calories. 

To fit with our theme, we can envision 10% more snack for the true 100 calorie experience.

Or we can just go with it. 

Without further ado, Quaker Granola Bites - chocolate flavored. 

Check out the explosions of chocolate/granola goodness. 

Upon opening the pack, I discovered 12 granola bites, and one huge ginormous granola godzilla towering over the rest. Did we like the alliteration there? I did.

I decided to count the big guy as two granola bites, bringing our total up to 14 bites

I hope that granola "bite" over there is a gentle giant.

Slightly dramatic shot of the bites.

These were a great little snack. I felt as though I was being particularly healthy because of the granola. They were also an adorable (can a little orb of granola and chocolate be "adorable"?) little size, great for a bite size treat (which I suppose was the point, what with them being called granola bites). Yes, I'd even classify the larger bite as a bite. Perhaps as a bite and 5/8ths. 

If we want to be specific, that is. :)

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