Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beaches and Cream

Actual Disney food now!!!

So Adam and I (fortified solely on a bagel and blue chips so far) checked in at the Yacht Club, dropped our bags off at the room, and scooted right over to Beaches & Cream next door. We had never been here, just had heard about it online, and were excited to have lunch here.

We walked to the podium at around 12:15, and I was surprised to be given a choice of a counter, table, or booth, all available right away, given the size of the restaurant. We chose the booth, and happily began to peruse the sherbet-hued menu.

Menu @ Beaches and Cream, Beach Club

We both decided on the Roast Beef Sub, which comes with cheese, peppers, onions, and (possibly) mushrooms. It is also accompanied by french fries and au jus for dipping.

Roast Beef Sub @ Beaches and Cream, Beach Club

I enjoyed this, it was a nice and filling meal after our journey to the World. Adam says that "it was good, a teensy bit dry, but the au jus was enough to make up for it, it had a nice flavor. The fries were run of the mill, and not very well salted."

Beaches and Cream has those fun squeezy bottles of ketchup and mustard, which Adam used to create a hidden condiment Mickey.

Ketchup Mickey @ Beaches and Cream, Beach Club

Adam ordered a strawberry malt along with his sandwich, which he really enjoyed: "very thick and malty, probably the best malt i've had since i was a kid."

Strawberry Malt @ Beaches and Cream, Beach Club

I had asked our waitress earlier in the meal about non-dairy ice cream alternatives available (they offer Rice Dream and Tofutti products), the wheels in my head turning in the direction of a post-sub sundae. However, as I watched him delighting in his frozen treat (a teensy bit jealous), our waitress came over to let me know that they could make me a non-dairy malt with soy milk and either the Rice Dream or Tofutti, if I so desired.


I love Disney World.

Yes, vanilla please.

Non-Dairy Malt @ Beaches and Cream, Beach Club

(Yes, that is whipped cream on top - I can have limited bits of dairy.)

I never knew non-dairy life could be so rich and decadent!! This was the perfect way to start our vacation, and Adam was thrilled I could join him for a malt, something we never even considered could be possible.

Filled with meaty and malty goodness, we were now ready to start our vacation!

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