Monday, February 21, 2011

Kona Cafe Breakfast

So you know that meal you've had in the past at Disney, that one that was SO good, and you just think about it and book reservations to go back and really really hope that it's just like you remembered? Especially since you've convinced your travel companion that it's awesome and a must-do?

Thankfully, some things stay the same (phew!)

So Adam and I headed off to Kona Cafe. Well, our journey to Kona began several months prior, back when we were scouring (read: basically memorizing) restaurant menus and I told him about the wonder and majesty that is Tonga Toast. He was in awe ("wait, it's FRIED?!?!"), I was giddy with anticipation. I had a plan, a plan involving some pancakes, pineapples, and macadamia nuts. I had seen way too many pictures of these to not try them for myself.


Adam @ Kona Cafe, Polynesian

Adam waiting patiently for his sugary fried dough. It has a banana in it. It's healthy fruit!

Speaking of healthy fruit, we both had orange juice. I had completely forgotten to tell Adam about the Lilikoi juice (which I'm absolutely positive he would have loved) until after we placed our juice orders. He was content with his choice (spoiler alert: he did absolutely love the Boma equivalent. Frunch? Jungle Juice? ::asks Adam:: West African Frunch.)

Pretty soon this arrived at the table

Butter, syrup, strawberry sauce @ Kona Cafe, Polynesian

Syrup, butter, and strawberry sauce for the Tonga Toast. Oooh the giddy anticipation across the table was rising. Adam experimentally tasted some of the strawberry sauce on the end of his knife, and declared it delicious. I agreed, although it was a touch sweet for my taste (He loves sugary items - I once gave Adam pure cane sugar candies from Epcot, which were some of his favorites, just as a point of reference)

And the glorious moment then arrived.

Tonga Toast @ Kona Cafe, Polynesian

Adam: "It was very good, the ham was very tasty, nicely grilled, and the tonga toast was great, both dips were really tasty although the strawberry definitely won out."

Along with

Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes @ Kona Cafe, Polynesian

(I had gotten the pineapple and butter on the side)

WOW these were good! And dense! But tasty! And really, so filling! But just one more bite!

Or, as Adam puts it, "your pancakes were chock full o'nuts."

Now, I can eat pancakes pretty much anytime, anywhere, tons of them. I love pancakes. And I've eaten some dense pancakes before, but I was really surprised when I was only able to eat this much of them. (And this was with a bit of effort here, folks.)

Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes, the remnants @ Kona Cafe, Polynesian

These pancakes are PACKED with macadamia nuts! Delicious, but I had to leave a saddening amount behind. The sausage was just regular sausage. Not jam-packed with macadamia nuts, thank goodness lol!

Tremendously full, I then realized something...we get two beverages with breakfast! I'm going to assume this is typically used for coffee, especially at Kona, but neither Adam or I are coffee drinkers.

I do, however, enjoy a nice hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate @ Kona Cafe, Polynesian

This may not look like much, but it was the best hot chocolate of the trip (this one may have kicked off a hot chocolate with breakfast trend for this traveler). And after I had ordered it, I realized that it would have been a good idea to get it in a to-go cup, as we were pretty much stuffed with pancake and French, er, Tonga toast by then. Just as I thought of this, the server came back, the hot chocolate already in a to-go cup! I praised his brilliance, and we were on our way, deliciousness in tow (I think I was spoiled by the chocolatey drizzle).

So did Kona Cafe live up to our breakfast expectations? Absolutely! AND we got to MK in time to see the opening show, which I hadn't thought we'd be able to, and hadn't seen before!

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