Saturday, February 26, 2011

Casey's Corner lunch

First, things we did not eat on the Jungle Cruise:

What's for lunch on the Jungle Cruise

So after our filling Kona breakfast, Adam and I made our way around the MK. I continually reminded him that we had dinner at Jiko that night, so appetites had better be ravenous for then. No extraneous snacking!

Early on in the lunching time frame, we found ourselves in the vicinity of CHH, a CS I had wanted to try. However, after we finally found the entrance (a bit tricky coming from Fantasyland, at least for us!), it was bustling inside, and we weren't all that hungry, so we trekked on.

A bit later, around ::checks photo time:: 1 or so, we (read: I) was starting to get a bit hungry. I toyed briefly with the idea of getting a funnel cake from Sleepy Hollow (shockingly, a snack I didn't get during this trip at all), then remembered Casey's. Adam was on board.

While making our way over, I began to get nervous about crowds there, as it was pretty much peak eating time, and CHH was busy during practically breakfast. However, when we walked in, the stations were only about 2 people deep. Yay!

In keeping with my decree of having voracious appetites for dinner, we ate light. I had a hot dog, and Adam was originally going to get one as well, but then the corn dog nuggets caught his eye.

Hot Dog @ Casey's, Magic Kingdom

Corn Dog Nuggets @ Casey's, Magic Kingdom

(I have no idea why I had my camera on the tungsten filter, sorry about the blue lunches. It's fixed for the Jiko pictures though, don't worry!)

I had heard all about the new buns for the hot dog, that they were using whole wheat buns now (which still doesn't make sense to me on items like a hot dog). They were obviously not squishy white bread buns, but they didn't bother me too much. They didn't fall apart or crumble when I ate. The hot dog was warm and perfect for a not-very-filling snack.

Adam called his corn dog nuggets "a nice little fast lunch, they were ok, standard corndogs, just miniaturized and put with spicy brown mustard."

I would definitely come back to Casey's, especially for a more full meal (I had opted out of having fries, but will not make that mistake again, especially with that melty cheese available!)

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