Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'll admit, it did take a few tries to remember the password for this...

Oof, it's been awhile.

How've you been? Awful winter, isn't it? (For those of you in more tropical climates, whatev.)

Since we last spoke all those months ago, I've continued to recover from my mitral valve repair (slowly slowly slowly, but surely) and am just starting to really blow the dust off my baking and very slowly (I know I'm using that word a lot in this paragraph, but it's been the story of my life these past few months) re-enter the kitchen. Magic cookie bars. Those don't require stirring. (Yes, I am able to stir, but not doing so is less effort lol.)

Adam and I also went to Disney together, in a belated celebration of our 3rd anniversary.

Oh, and I also got two cute stripey shirts from Kohls.

Let's see if I remember how to post a picture...

3 year anniversary

awesome. Adam and I on our anniversary!

I'll be returning friends, I promise. Slowly but surely...this girl's new motto.

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