Monday, March 16, 2009

BBQ-ing with Boyfriend

Hi everyone!

This past weekend, my boyfriend (who will henceforth be known as Adam [real name? fake name? yes, real name]) decided that he wanted to barbecue. My reaction: YES absolutely!!! 

Adam is most definitely not a kitchenphobe. He's a great and adventurous and creative cook, always coming up with new ideas on what to cook, while I frantically consult a recipe. Even then, well, we all know what tends to happen. 

Okay, who wants to see delicious-looking barbecue?? Sorry everyone doesn't get to try some, but I will assure the crowd, it was very very tasty. 

Making burgers...

All of our, burger-ies, are all in a row. Or two. 

Now we're cooking. Check out that flame-kissed chicken. 

Cloud o' smoke...adding some drama...

Getting some of those yummy grill marks

A close-up on the deliciousness

Hey, those hot dogs don't look hot. And the hilarity ensues...

Can we eat now? How about now? Now? 

All of the action on the grill

Ah, that's better. 

We should barbecue more often. And by we, I mean he. 

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