Sunday, March 8, 2009

Easter definitely has the best candy, as far as holidays go.

It's little wonder that Easter wins the best candy holiday award. Jelly beans, pastel-colored M&M's, and those quintessential Cadbury eggs.

Oh, and evil bunnies.

You think I'm kidding? (Ok, yes, I am.)

This bunny may not be evil. It may just have an eye condition. Either way, I think its up to something (even if "something" is picking up medicated eye drops.)

This bunny looks like its trying WAY too hard to look innocent. Personally, I think it looks like it's plotting. No, Peter Rabbit, I will not read your story book inside the package. I predict that it is a tale of alarm and fear. 

Either this bunny has an apprentice that it is teaching its evil ways, or it has committed an evil bunny deed and has put the evidence on a stake as a warning to the other bunnies. Oh what a cruel, cruel world. 

And lastly, a victim of the evil bunnies.
Happy candy shopping everyone!!! Watch out for the bunnies, they're feisty this year! :)


Grace said...

Too funny! I'll be sure to shop carefully this Easter!

adam Moltisanti said...

I think they aren't evil as much suffering from medical issues.. we have pink eye bunny, jaundiced bunny, glaucoma bunny, and finally, bad insurance forcing him to see the discount surgeon who decapitated him bunny.