Sunday, March 22, 2009

A mere 100 calories, you say?

Strolling down the supermarket aisle, it seems as though practically anything now comes in a little pouch with its contents totaling 100 calories. I like this. It is a relatively guilt-free snack, it is portable, and comes in a variety of goodies inside the pouches. 

Shall we explore these low-calorie pouches further?

Today's 100 calorie pack of choice is ::drumroll:: Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookie Crisps

A "sensible solution", with 0g trans fat, 3g fat, and 0mg cholesterol. (Doesn't it look like "OMG cholesterol? I guess zero mg's could be OMG-worthy.)

Opening the pack for further inspection (this was official business here, people), this is what I found.

Looks like shortbread. Expert analysis over.

Q: How many shortbread(s?) make up 100 calories? 

A: 20

Overall, I enjoyed all 100 calories of shortbread. It was a satisfying and tasty snack, and I was happy to see that a fair amount of shortbread were in each pack. Sometimes when passing by these packages I secretly wonder if there is only about 1 cookie per package, however, these fears (probably not a fear, more of a concern perhaps) were unfounded. 

I wonder how big a 100 calorie pack of cheesecake would be? Probably better not to find out. 

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