Sunday, March 29, 2009

That's a lot of Craisins...

Continuing our snacking trend, I next sampled the 100 Calorie Pack of Craisins. Craisins are dried, sweetened cranberries (or, "the sweetest way to eat a cranberry"). 

Filled with sweetened cranberry goodness

To be honest, I really wasn't sure what to expect in terms of cranberry bounty. How many sweetened dried cranberries are in 1 oz? (Presumably, the same amount in 100 calories). 

Want to take a guess? 

The contents of the package...

Ok, ready?

::drumroll please::



The pack had a total of 107 Craisins. Or, as Adam pointed out, approximately 1 calorie per Craisin. 

The official counting in process. 

The only potential discrepancy that there could be to the 1 Craisin/1 Calorie theory is the definition of the actual size of a Craisin. Since they are, as the label states, made from real fruit, the size of each Craisin can vary. 

Big Craisins and little Craisins coexist peacefully.

For my counting purposes, anything that looked like a Craisin was a Craisin (made enough sense to me). 

I liked the Craisins, and thought they made for a light and tasty treat. As a note, I found this snack to be enjoyed best over a period of time. I'd eat a few, come back, eat a few more. Perhaps it is me, but 107 pieces of any sort of food is a bit much to eat at one time (although, little bits of dried fruit seems a bit more reasonable in this regard than, say, cookies. mmm cookies). 

But this is about Craisins. Although Craisin cookies could be good. Anyone tried that before?

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