Sunday, June 7, 2009


Do you believe in magic? 

More specifically, do you believe in cookies that require no mixing?

Imagine a toss of sparkly dust into the air and a wave of a wand over a hat here...fanfare...and...TA DA!!!! Magic Cookie Bars

And without further ado, I present "Cookies in 6 Easy Steps" (well, 7, if you include the actual act of putting them in the oven).

Step 1 - Butter
Step one: Butter

Step 2 - Graham Cracker Crumbs
Step two: Graham cracker crumbs

Note: Here, there is supposed to be an additional step involving the addition of walnuts. However, my dad is allergic to nuts, and I wanted these cookies to be a happy and magical experience for everyone. 

Step 3 - Butterscotch Chips
Step three: Butterscotch chips

Step 4 - Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
Step four: Chocolate chips

Step 5 - Coconut
Step five: Coconut

annnnd lastly, Step 6 - Sweetened Condensed Milk
Step six: Sweetened condensed milk

And with a wave of my oven mitt, 1, 2, 3...they're done! 
Magic Cookie Bars

Is anyone getting sick of my magic humor?

Too bad. 

Oh, alright. 

Cutting the cookies into squares. I cut them while they were a bit warm still, so that is why the chocolate looks all ooze-y. 
Cutting the bars apart...

Warm magic cookie bar, fresh out of the oven. 
Hot and melty out of the oven

Even though I was impatient to taste this, I would recommend waiting a bit until the cookie firms up and holds its shape. Unless you're okay with having your fingers covered in chocolate and butterscotch.

It's alright, I am too. 

Cooled down, ready for its closeup
I bet you're gonna taste really good, aren't you

The verdict? I thoroughly enjoyed these cookies, they are definitely sweet, but I think that its okay once in a while for a dessert to not be subtle in its flavors. Too often you get a kiss of chocolate, a hint of vanilla. This dessert is more of a WHAM! POW! of sweet and chocolate and butterscotch and graham cracker. 

It's in your face.

This dessert would absolutely tell you its real opinion on that outfit you're wearing. 

Now then, I'm going to go about making them disappear (couldn't resist one last one). 


Adam said...

Making them disappear!!.. I was hoping there would at least be a crumb for me to try :'(.. especially since they look scrum-didly-umptious

Anonymous said...

A dessert this simple definitely sounds like magic! What an easy treat. :)

Tara said...

Ok, wow! Those look great! Going to have to amend the grocery list for next week...


aquamom60 said...

yummy yum yum...firing up the oven as we speak, even though it's inordinately hot, humid and sweltering!