Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rain, rain...haven't I told you to go away enough times?

Shockingly, it rained for most of last week.


There were a few exhilarating breaks in the precipitation, however, where a small flicker of blue sky would peep through the clouds, and we would smile, stare at it, and call others over to see too, as though we had never seen the sun in our lives.

Well, it had been awhile.

One of the storms last week brought with it foreboding dark skies, hail, and those raindrops that are so big and heavy they sound like hail (you know which ones I'm talking about), and the general attitude of "isn't this entirely unnecessary? Could the weather at least pretend to let me fathom stepping outside for a refreshing breath of air, as opposed to the refreshing gust of whipping winds and rock-hard rain that I know would greet me?"

The storm, as storms tend to do, did end, and after that we relaxed on the porch to take in the dripping wet scenery.

Chillin with a frosty Poland Spring
frosty water bottle

As a short amount of time passed, we noticed that the sky was turning colors that it did not normally have a tendency to turn. Pinks and oranges and purples filled the sky. 

Oooh. Pretty. 
sky after the storm

The clouds look so much less threatening when they're pink and not dumping buckets of rain on you, don't you think?
more sky

colorful clouds

As I speak (er, type) the sky is once again blue, it is 75 degrees and partly cloudy, the birds are chirping happily, and the foliage is dry. Call me optimistic, but I'm holding out hope for the weather today. 

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