Monday, June 15, 2009

A variation on a theme...

Since making these cookies, I've been thinking of other various items that could be put in the middle. 

The first "alternate item" idea I had was M&M's. 

I actually thought of this the day after Mothers Day (the occasion I originally made the cookies for), and was slightly disappointed that I had not thought of it earlier so there could have been an "M for Mom theme". But the originals worked out perfectly well anyways. 

So FINALLY, I decided to experiment and make these M&M Shortbread Cookies.

Before baking. As with the raspberry version, I indented and "M&M-ed" before refrigerating to avoid cracking.
A variation on a theme

Post-baking. I was happy to see that the color did not spread out too much on the cookie.

Cookies in all of the colors of the M&M package rainbow. 
Colorful cookies

So were they good?

M&M's and shortbread? I really can't see how that could be a recipe for anything but goodness. 

Any other suggestions for what would be a delightful addition to the shortbread? 

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