Friday, June 5, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

Admittedly, I do not cook dinner a lot. I'm more of a dessert gal, as can be seen from most of the cooking adventures on this blog. 

What can I say, I like a recipe. (Yes, I know dinners have recipes too, but I also like sugar and chocolate and whipped cream and fruit. Show me a dinner with that.) 

Left to my own dinner devices, well...breakfast went so well this morning, why not do it again?

Oooh, how I love when I can conjure up justifications for my behavior. I totally thought out my actions in a thorough and rational manner, as opposed to I cracked an egg and ate.

So one night, I decided to make an omelette. Crowd, how do we think this went?

Well, typically, omelettes do not have sugar or chocolate or whipped cream or fruit in them, so I'm not sure why she's even going here. 

Let's read on, shall we?

Tomatoes are totally a fruit. Ha. 

Ham, for some meaty goodness.

The eggs, stirred, salted, and peppered. 
Eggs...stirred, salted, and peppered

Things went fairly swimmingly (or egg-cellent, if you're into food puns), until it came time to move the eggs around the pan. Were you to attempt this food combination in an omelette, I would recommend (now based on experience), that you use only the solid portion of the tomato, rather than that plus the seeds. The seeds and gelatenous center of the tomato seemed to add too much moisture to my poor little omelette, and it swiftly fell apart.

No worries, we'll call it scrambled eggs! 
I know this may not look incredibly attractive, but it did taste good. Really.

That doesn't look too bad, does it?

Ok, it probably looks awful, BUT IT DID NOT TASTE AWFUL. It actually tasted pretty good. And before people think that things went terribly, horribly wrong, I added mozzarella to the mix at the end, because 
a) I am a wild and crazy girl
b) things had already fallen apart (literally), so really cheese couldn't hurt things at this point. 

The next breakfast for dinner adventure was french toast. This dinner contained sugar AND fruit (and technically could have included chocolate and whipped cream as well if I were so inclined), so it was absolutely an acceptable dinner in my book. 

Being a wild and crazy girl, I like to also french toast apple slices (I'm not sure if "french toast" can count as a verb or as a cooking style, but I am using it as such) to go along with the party. My usual method is to french toast the bread slices, then dip apple slices into the batter and pan fry them until they get soft and slightly browned on the outside.

They are quite delicious. 

And look at me, having a "method" of doing things. Ooh. Don't I think I'm fancy. 

Whole apple

Sliced apple
Apple slices

Bread, being french toasted
During the french toast process

Sizzling and cooking away

Even though this dinner came out slightly better looking than the previous breakfast attempt, it was no less tasty. 

Does that make sense in the least?

Okay. Ahem. 

Both were good. Breakfast is good. Especially when they are passed off as dinners. The only thing that could be better is dessert for dinner. 

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